• Rajbir Chadha

    Dr. Rajbir chadha Is practicing veterinary medicine and surgery for 14 years..He received Bachelor of veterinary sciences Science from the PAU ludhiana in india in 1999. He completed his clinical training in LSU Baton rouge in 2004. Dr Chadha practiced veterinary medicine and surgery in GA for 2 years.In 2006 he moved to MI and started as an associate veterinarian at Dix animal hospital. He bought this practice in 2016. Dr chadha has attended numerous wet labs/conference in veterinary ultrasound , dentistry ,soft tissue & orthopedic surgery. He is member of AVMA and AO vet.Dr Chadha likes to Keep up with latest in veterinary medicine & surgery by attending conferences/labs and online education. His interests includes-ultrasound /soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. He Lives in Windsor with his wife Satinder , two daughters -gurveer and manreet and son harjap. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family , read and watch netflix.

  • Dr
    Shahid Rehman

    Dr Rehman is an associate veterinarian at Dix animal Hospital. He is practicing veterinary medicine for 10 years.His Interest includes  dentistry, emergency medicine and soft tissue surgery.  

  • Dr
    Harjeet Oberoi

    Dr. Harjeet Singh Oberoi has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating diverse array of diseases
    and injuries in animals. He has excellent public relation skills, communication skills and interpersonal
    skills. He has outstanding diagnostic skills and ability to implement effective treatment plans for quick
    and economic recoveries. He has completed his Bachelors and Masters in Veterinary Surgery and
    radiology from Haryana Agriculture University in India in 1997 and since then he is practicing Veterinary
    medicine. He started his new job in U.S.A at Dix Animal Hospital recently. He had volunteered
    extensively with Humane Society for many years. He lives in Windsor with his wife and daughter. In his
    free time he likes Punjabi folk music and bhangra. He is very passionate about swimming and

  • Candice
    Lead Technician
    Hello, my name is Candice. I joined Dix Animal Hospital in 2006. My husband Mike, and myself, have two beautiful daughters, Katlynn and Skyler. I have 3 dogs, Jazzman, Sookie, and my newest addition to he family Bambi. I also has a Northern Clearwater Crayfish named Red. My passion is treating and caring for animals, from brand new babies to those who aren't ‘spring chickens’ anymore. I love working with animals, everyday I get to meet new animals and new people! I enjoy interacting with the public and sharing knowledge to help people better understand how to care for their pets. In my free time I enjoy playing softball, doing puzzles, and spending quality time with my family. I also enjoying fishing, camping, riding ATVs, and long walks with the whole ‘pack’.
  • Erin
    I started in the Veterinary field in 2001, working with small and large animals. I joined the team at DAH in 2015. I truly believe I have the best job ever, and a day at work never feels like work. On my off time, I'm running around with my three amazing boys, drinking way too much coffee, and fostering the occasional litter of kittens.
  • Brittney Maciejewski
    Brittney has been in veterinary medicine for going on 10 years. Prior to brining into animal medicine she worked as a pet groomer for several years that started as a young teen. She also spends time in others homes taking care of their animals while they are away as a pet sitter.Her love for animals is an undying passion. She looks forward to helping as many animals as possible even outside of work, from picking up strays to taking home fosters. She has passed her love for animals to her children and shares that love with her spouse. Her home and her heart are filled with 4-legged love. Attachments area
  • Brandy
    My name is Brandy, I have been a technician for 3 years. I have my associates in applied science and graduated from Sanford Brown College. I have two dogs and foster others here and there. I love being a technician it is an extremely rewarding career. I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies.
  • Sarah McNamara
    Hi! My name is Sarah and I have been a team member of Dix Animal Hospital since the beginning of 2016. I have been passionate about animals for as long as I can remember, and I have been working with animals since 2013. I realized my passion for animals when doing volunteer work at local animal shelters after learning how truly happy helping animals made me. Not many people are able to say that they love their job, but I am; and for that reason my job is not like work to me---it's a passion. Outside of work I have three dogs and four cats of my own that I love dearly! On my off days, I like to spend time with my family, practice singing, and work on my sarcasm! I also like to eat and drink reasonable amounts of coffee and donuts everyday of the week!
  • Lee
    Hi my name is Lee Nagy, I'm the groomer at Dix Animal Hospital and have been since 2007. I have been grooming for about 11 years now. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed spending time with my pets. I would teach them tricks, give them baths and trim the hair from their eyes etc. I have had a variety in pets through the years, From cats, dogs and rabbits, mice and lizards too. I currently have a rescue dog named combo, simply because he is a mixed breed ( shih-tzu/ maltese). I also have a cat named Tic-Tac because she was so tiny when I found her. Then there's Cinder my Bearded Dragon. I simply just enjoy all their furry little personalities. I am the only groomer at Dix Animal Hospital so an appointment is needed. Also our facility does not accommodate large breeds for grooming but we do for boarding. I'm always available to speak to a client about their needs and wants for their fur babies. I can never stress enough about how important grooming is for your pets health. A clean / healthy pet, Is a very happy pet.
  • Eva Mojica

    Hi My name is Eva

    I am currently a vet tech at Dix animal Hospital

    I have been in this field for about 5 years and still continue to enjoy every bit of it.

    I am currently in school for business.

    In my spare time I enjoy being as adventurous as possible, by enjoying traveling all over, kayaking, bike riding, swimming, trailing .

  • Kim Boden
    Veterinary Tech

    Hello my name is Kim  .Started working at DAH in 2017 and LOVE IT!!  I have been a Technician for about 30 years . cant imaging doing any thing else ! I have always had a love for animals since I was a small child and I am also a Mom to many Chihuahuas .a Dove (Sid) and a New Kitty (Kamier)  and a Son (Steven) with Multiple Sclerosis how resides in a Nursing home so in my free time Me and Wiiman ( my #1 Chihuahua lol) Go visiting at the nursing home Wiiman Love going to Visit and many of the residents wait to see him and just love to  scratch his head.... he makes their day! they tell me

  • Amanda Baker

    My name is Amanda, I have been a tech at Dix Animal Hospital since 2017! I absolutely was made for this job. I am happiest when either at work or riding my motorcycle! I love softball/baseball and the Tigers! I also have a dog named Harley. I love treating the sick, assisting in surgery, and educating people who are new to the life of having an animal! I'm so excited to meet you and your fur babies! 

  • Louanne Garner

    Louanne has been a member of the Dix Animal Hospital family since 2014. She has worked in the veterinary 'eld for almost 8 years. In that %me, she has gained experience in almost all aspects of a veterinary prac%ce. A love of animals drove her to enter the 'eld, and her ongoing desire to improve the
    lives of those around her, makes her a valued and proud addi%on to our team. Louanne has rescued and
    fostered many animals over the years, and she currently shares her home with two rescued animals: Max, a Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix, and Timothy, a Mini Lop Rabbit

  • aref

    Hi my name is Aref Alkhouli, I was born in Syria and I had to leave my country because war occurred. I went to Egypt and lived there for 4 years, where I was a veterinarian. Then I had the opportunity to come to USA.  I was looking for a job, and at the same time trying to change my license to be a vet on my own. I found Dix Animal Hospital, and they offered me a job in surgery room . The people there  are very nice. They are helping me to learn English. as well as new advances in veterinary medicine. I love and appreciate the opportunity to work with the team and learn all the specialized surgeries Dix animal hospital offers.

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